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Yasmine Khaled

Transformational energy therapist/practitioner, EFT & Sukyo Mahikari

Yasmine is an international certified Energy Practitioner. She has over 10 years of experience in helping people overcome emotional, physical and spiritual traumas through a wide spectrum of techniques. On the illustrious Ancient Egyptian history where energy was a primordial force, Yasmine has always been gifted, from an early age, with the ability to immediately connect with most people and animals at a deeper and more spiritual level.


Born in Egypt, she lived in many countries when she worked with the United Nations to help countries develop economically, during which time she witnessed countless hardships and human suffering. However, her experience honed a well-rounded, understanding, empathic and compassionate nature. Yasmine also communicates with animals through energy and heals their traumatic life experience. Her work is done on a deep soul level and access to subconscious believes.


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Cairo, Egypt


These can help with: 

Anything but bone-related problems.

Session Types


  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Large Groups

  • Corporate 

  • Retreats

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"I am shocked of how my life has transformed since I met you. I am super grateful and couldn't believe that I can finally be happy and fulfill my purpose In life, know my worth and attracted my soulmate. Thank you."

Kristine Stachel, Germany

"Been a rough year for us all. So if you want to receive positive energy, guidance and raise your vibration, Yasmine is the one that transforms your life. "

Nada Karam, Egypt


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