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Shayanne Salama

Guiding You Through Your Healing Journey

Shayanne has always been drawn to alternative ways of healing; whether physical, emotional or mental. Through the process of her own healing she realized that her passion lay in helping others reach the same level of self-awareness and peace. Of course, the only person who can heal you is you, but having guides helps give you the awareness and wisdom that you may need at a certain point in time.


Turning passion into a vocation, she completed several certifications in a range of modalities, such as: Reiki, Energy Reading, Hypnotherapy, Postpartum Healing and Mindfulness for Children and became a Holistic Therapist and Healer.


Whether working with people with deep-seated conflicts and issues or those that have recently gone through a life-changing event, her aim remains simple: to help guide people to a balanced place, to heal themselves in the gentlest way possible and provide them with a greater awareness of their inner world.

things she's really good at...


These can help with: 

Pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief, addiction

Session Types


  • One on One

  • Corporate

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Cairo, Egypt


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