A weekend of mindful yoga

28-30 Jan

A Yin-Yang yoga retreat in Fayoum; one of Egypt's most breathtaking spots. we both believe in balance, our retreats provide Vinyasa (Yang) classes in the mornings; to help activate and renew your energy, while Yin and Yoga Nidra in the evenings are the best way to end a day by unwinding, relaxing and meditating under the full moon.

Practitioners: Nadine Nader // Yin and Yoga Nidra
Leena Alghattas // Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga


Let if flow! Yoga & Healing

28-30 Jan

Let it FLOW at the end of the month and completely destress in Fayoum’s beautiful gardens and surrounding blues.
The retreat is meant to RELAX you and help you let all the tension and worries flow and go!

Practitioners: Maloukeats


I Truly Matter

4-6 Feb

Yoga, Meditation & Energy Healing Retreat
In the middle of your hectic life, your nonstop planning, and your running around to get everyone's needs met, it's crucial to stop and breathe, and to remind yourself that you are also important, that you truly matter!

Practitioners: Hanaa Elseoudi & Lamia Samir