How Healing Can Save Us

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

At times, life can get tough and hurtful, and we tend to come face to face with situations that leave scars in our hearts. Circumstances like losing a job, an unhappy marriage, or the death of a loved one can hit us hard, and without healing ourselves, we struggle to carry on.

Healing is a process through which you can restore balance in your life, feel better, and overcome your sufferings. It is putting your broken pieces together to bring back a stronger, more resilient you. Healing is a miraculous power that you, me, and everyone around us needs.

How can we help ourselves heal?

In some cases, one may need a professional healer to help them overcome their past traumas, but you may also have hidden healing powers that you are unaware of and are yet to unveil. We will take you through the first steps in your healing journey.

Reflect on your past experiences

A past experience never becomes a lesson learned unless we reflect on it. Reflecting helps you move on instead of dwell on the past. Through reflecting, you take a closer look at yourself before, during, and after the experience so you reassess your emotions and reactions. In doing so, you identify your feelings, why you felt them, and whether you could have dealt with this experience differently, but without self-reproach.

Choose how you tell the story to yourself

The change in perspective in the way you tell the story to yourself plays a vital role in the healing process. Switch the narrative; instead of asking yourself “Why is this happening to me?” say “Why is this happening for me?”. Instead of victimizing yourself, you will understand that everything happens for a reason and that all the dots will connect to create a bigger, better picture.

Stop your racing thoughts

People think that our minds control us, but it should be the other way around. We control our minds by controlling our thinking patterns. When we face tough conditions, our minds can create exaggerated scenarios out of fear. Therefore, instead of helping ourselves feel better, we get stuck in expecting worse and worse things to happen. One way you can control your thoughts is through meditation. It has been proven that it works wonders in giving you clarity, making you feel calmer on the inside, and most importantly staying, focused on the present.

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