6 Reasons Why Self-love Will Ease Your Pain

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

In some moments of despair or pain, one might begin to question their self-worth; and if you have been there, you are not alone, we can relate. Have you ever felt trapped in situations you do not accept or that your boundaries were being violated? Do you find it hard to put yourself first and get drained in catering to the needs of others? Do you sometimes doubt your life choices? If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, it’s time to learn how to fall in love with yourself. 

While many may mistake self-love for selfishness, self-love actually boils down to looking after your own wellbeing. It is only through self-love that one can live in harmony and contentment, and thus be a better giver. Here is why: 

  1. Self-love helps you overcome past traumas. We all carry baggage from past traumas. Self-love teaches you how to accept yourself in your down time and to embrace your vulnerability. You learn that it’s ok to feel hurt or not be at your best sometimes, and that this does not make you weak.

  2. Self-love attracts love. People love and accept us for who we are only when we are able to love and accept ourselves. When you love yourself, it reflects on everything you do, and your general behavior attracts more people to that loving spirit of yours.

  3. When you love yourself, you seek no validation or approval from others. When you love yourself, you learn that confidence comes from within and that it is your sole responsibility to make yourself feel good and happy. With self-love, you never allow anyone to define you and you do not feel the need to change yourself to please others.  

  4. You learn how to communicate openly. In taking the time to understand who you are and what you really want, you barely lose track. It helps you communicate clearly and openly with others. You understand that an honest conversation about how you feel or what you want isn’t as hard as it may seem. In fact, it makes things easier for you and for everyone around you. 

  5. Self-love teaches you to put yourself first. You learn how to rearrange your priorities and only do what feels right for you. You cease to be the people pleaser who dreads saying ‘no’ to plans or decisions that do not serve your interests. Self-love teaches you that nurturing your wellbeing and making yourself happy come first. 

  6. It leaves no room for toxic relationships. Self-love and self-respect go hand in hand. When you love yourself enough, you do not allow anyone to breach your boundaries, disrespect you, or abuse you. You carry yourself with grace and integrity and walk away from relationships that cause you harm.

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