Grounding: What it Means and How it Works

In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in awareness on the importance of emotional and psychological wellbeing. Nowadays, people are willing to educate themselves more on matters like stress, anxiety, and depression. It is worth mentioning that alternative and holistic medicine are now gaining greater acceptance among people. While you may be familiar with yoga, meditation, and energy healing, grounding is an aspect that exists in all of them.

What grounding is and why we need it.

Generally, anxiety happens when we worry about the future, and depression occurs when we dwell on the past. While both scenarios are out of our control, this is when grounding is needed. Grounding is a therapeutic practice that helps you stay in the present moment; not worrying about the future, nor dwelling on the past, just being present. It helps you overcome stress, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Through grounding, you detach yourself from unpleasant past memories, and overcome distressing feelings.

Grounding 101: How to practice presence.

Focus on Your Breath. This technique helps you shift your focus on your breath, and accordingly you focus only on the present moment. Inhale and exhale slowly; feel the flow of your breath through your body. Breathing deeply slows down the racing thoughts in your mind and connects you deeply with your body.

Engage Your Senses. With everything around us moving so fast, we are always in a rush that we tend to lack enjoyment in everything we do and fail to notice life’s simple pleasures. For instance, instead of just eating, indulge. Chew slowly; feel the taste and the texture of the food in your mouth. Observe the color of the food on your plate, and enjoy the smell. When you engage yourself and your senses in a certain activity, you block unnecessary thoughts in the back of your mind.

Feel Your Body. Sit in a comfortable position and begin to observe how each part of your body feels from head to toe. Wiggle your toes and observe how that feels, listen to your heartbeats, feel the texture of your clothes over your body. Move your mind to different parts of your body and pause to think how each feels.

Connect with your surroundings. Find a peaceful and quiet place and engage your senses in the surrounding scenery. Observe the beauty of architecture around you, touch the objects to feel their texture, breathe in the scents around you deeply, and concentrate on the sounds you hear. This technique directs your focus only on the present and will show you the way of living only in the now.

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