Nadine Gomaa

I support the mind-body's ability to self-heal through Pranic Healing

I began studying body wisdom, meditation and self-healing modalities after suffering from depression, anxiety and a number of physical ailments for many years. Frustrated with the narrative that my brain and body had to depend on external factors to feel "whole" and happy, such as through medication and the expert advice of doctors, I began exploring how the body could scientifically self-heal through holistic means, as well as the importance of the placebo effect and ways to induce health through the biology of belief and consciousness.


Over time, it became clear that the body and mind are our servants, evolutionary designed to learn our habits, fears and wants and store this information for our highest good. As result, all forms of dis-ease and disharmony in our health and wellbeing are merely cries for our compassionate and loving attention; once we are able to gauge the trauma and learn the lesson, health is restored. I began studying the subtle energy body and chakra system in 2016, but officially committed to its practice when I joined the Pranic Healing school in 2018 and witnessed its miraculous transformations physically and psychologically.


I am committed to empowering people with the remembrance that the body has the power to self-heal. All external intervention, through doctors, healers or medication merely support the conditions for what the body and mind can already do!



Cairo, Egypt

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These can help with: 

All forms of mental, emotional and physical suffering can be alleviated by working on the individual's subtle energy body and chakra system.

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  • One on One

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