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My Name is Nader Wahba. My mission is to allow people to connect with their inner truth. I am a mental health professional by training. Currently a practicing hypnotherapist, animal communicator and healer.


My practice of Chinese Martial Arts has helped me on many personal levels to transform. The knowledge and skills I have gained, which I continue to incorporate in my daily life, are a foundation for my practice.


I am keen on providing people with a safe space to explore and understand themselves. By facilitating the right conditions it allows clients to unleash their true potential for transformation and healing. In every session, I offer my full presence. I listen. I sense with the intent to provide insight, knowledge, and understanding. People and animals, all fall within the scope of this intent. As each situation is unique, I offer personalized direction using the tools I am trained in.


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These can help with: 

Help with improving performance, create positive changes in your health, confidence, relationships, sports performance, concentration, creativity, chronic or acute pain control, overcoming habits and fears, self-discovery, stress reduction, healthier self-expression.

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Cairo, Egypt


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