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Muhammad Sayed Rashad

I help people love their bodies & lose weight in a happy healthy way.

I'm Seso Beeh, one of the most famous food bloggers in Egypt and loving food was my full-time job. Three years ago, in October 2018, to be exact, I found the most authentic connection of love, acceptance, respect, and forgiveness with myself. Since then, I've been on my beautiful journey of losing weight while eating everything I loved in moderation; I lost more than 100 kgs in total without surgeries, without medications and any deprivation or restrictive diets, just eating healthily and working out.


I became very passionate about continuing my weight loss journey, eat healthily, and workout regularly, in addition to helping people lose weight happily, too.


I am the author of the "How to Lose 100 Kilograms Happily" Book.


In addition to that, I am currently a certified Health and Wellness Coach, and I help my clients work on their goals in the six pillars of a healthy lifestyle.


I can help you reach your goals and scale the level of any of the following lifestyle pillars as much as your true potential;


1) Weight Management 2) Physical Exercise Routine 3) Stress Management 4) Sleep Management 5) Healthy Relationships and Connections with self, others, and higher power. 6) Substance Abuse (Smoking, Caffeine, and Sugar dependence).


Cairo, Egypt


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things he's really good at...

These can help with: 

Low self-esteem, lack of self-love, poor body image, distorted relationship with self and body, Hating your body, yo-yo dieting, lack of worthiness, helplessness, victim mindset, and emotional eating.

Session Types


  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Large Groups

  • Retreats

  • Corporate

References (Love!)

 عايزة أقولك إني بجد حاسة بفرق المرة دي وقادرة أشوف إني تصرفاتي مختلفة وطريقة تفكيري مختلفة وده مخليني أكمّل, أنا كنت أخري بلتزم أسبوع وبعدين أرجع أضرب تاني, دلوقتي أنا عارفة أمشي بالراحة وعارفة هعمل إيه لو ضعفت وحقيقي متشكرة ليك جدًا على ده.

أنا بتبسط بالكلام معاك وبقدر أشوف الأمور بشكل أوضح وأفضل وده بيساعدني أقلل التوتر اللي عندي وأحافظ على الMental Health أو الصحة النفسية بتاعتي بالتالي أعرف ألتزم بالSupport System اللي بيحميني من أكل كويس ورياضة كل يوم وعلاقات كمان صحّية وجيدة في حياتي.

I just lost my 1st 10 Kilograms in this long journey. زي ما نكدت عليك ساعة ما كنت تايهة ومش عارفة أبدأ لازم أقولك شكرًا والله على تشجيعك. حاجة كمان, فكرة إن الإنسان يكافئ نفسه ويحتفل بأي تقدّم بيعمله ده خلاني أشوفني بعين ألطف وخلاني متحمسة بالخطوات الصغيرة.

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