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Merna Fawzy

I help you use mindfulness and self-love to achieve your health goals

Hi there! I’m Merna, ICF certified Health & Wellness coach. I help you use mindfulness & self-love to achieve health goals and lead a peaceful, happy lifestyle. I’m a feminist, writer, book worm, former amateur boxer, fitness enthusiast and yoga practitioner.


things she's really good at...

These can help with: 

Weight loss/maintenance goals, achieving fitness goals, sleep improvement, stress management, Understanding connections and environment, smoking cessation, becoming empowered, finding your 'why'

Session Types


  • One on One

References (Love!)

ميرنا كوتش عظيمة جدًا .. امبارح عملت معاها سيشن اتبسطت اوي

وادركت حاجات كانت ملغبطاني جامد جدًا

- Mohamed


Cairo, Egypt


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