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Lamia Samir

I help my clients release whatever is blocking their magnificence.

I'm Lamia, a certified Akashic "Soul" reading practitioner, meditation instructor,  certified energy & crystals healer, and quantum touch practitioner.  I started my holistic journey in 2013, and this dramatically changed my life.


Since then, I have been passionately dedicating my knowledge and energy to help others find their inner peace and reach higher levels of spiritual growth.


These can help with: 

Physical pains, stress, traumas, energy blockages, confusion and seeking guidance.. etc.


Cairo, Egypt

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Session Types


  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Large Groups

  • Corporate 

  • Retreats

References (Love!)

"I really wanna thank you for the reading. I had it at the perfect time. I needed this kind of reassurance. I was really touched and received all of the healing energy sent. And you’re super accurate as you knew things that I don’t share. Super grateful and happy that we met."

Anonymous, Egypt

"Honestly, I wanted to try the should reading for a long time. Recently, I started to say yes anything that pops in my day and see the outcomes. [It was] a very interesting experience that answered some of my forever thoughts about my soul and it was very useful and healing as well. Lamia is gifted with the power of healing, whenever I see her I leave Lotus feeling fresh and active. Definitely, I’m looking forward to doing this [Akashic Records] again with a new set of questions."

Anonymous, Egypt


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