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Fari Yeshe

"Holding spaces for dance, joy and evolution."

A new world paradigm requires collective alignment, as much as inner transformation. Through sounds, sacred geometry, oracle reading, ecstatic dance, and bodywork we all can integrate newer versions of our self each time.


Using those tools, my mission is to assist people in this process of expansion and recognition of the original potential of each one of us. Through life experience combined with formal training in Colombia, Thailand, Dharamsala, Hong Kong, Goa, and Egypt I’ve been practicing, learning, and healing in an ongoing process of self-mastery and community development.



Dahab, Egypt


These can help with: 

Alignment and finding purpose and mission. Integration/transition of new cycles. Holding spaces for deep relaxation.

Session Types


  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Retreats

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