Dalia Fakhr

I create safe & free spaces for authentic expression

“Truth cures”… and “awareness heals”.

My journey since I was a little girl has been always evolving around “freedom” and “truth”. From trying to be a “free” girl, which back then meant to negotiate the hours of my curfew, all the way to political activism, working in media, dance movement therapy, then performing arts… each arena felt incomplete to me. Something was always missing.

Until it became clear to me: I am the experiencer of all these events, and I need to feel “safe & free” where I am as I am, regardless what the external events or circumstances are.

In my personal path to embrace and heal my own “wounds” I have learned that the healing process is almost identical to the creative process of artistic expression. Not wanting to choose one over the other, healing versus art, my work can be describes as: creative facilitation of “safe & free” spaces that can serve as a “birthplace” for truthful and authentic expression.

My methodology usually includes embodiment work, meaning, creating experiences where we can actively participate in transforming narratives, concepts and/or deconstructing behavioral patterns.

In 2019, I have founded my company “DCreations for Consultancy & Training”. With the core belief that “Being” human needs to be embraced and celebrated, not judged, nor transcended, DCreations’ main purpose is to de-construct “narratives" that are responsible for perpetuating judgmental and dehumanizing experiences. Together, we then explore new paths, mediums, and tools to create "new” authentic narratives and embody them. Varying from individuals to organizations and cultural groups, we work with personal, interpersonal, transpersonal and collective narratives.


Areas of expertise:

·         Somatic movement and embodiment work

·         Dance/movement therapy

·         Workshop facilitation for creative expression and                    personal development

·         Intercultural and community dialogue facilitation

·         Interactive performing arts

·         Playback theatre

My birth name is Dalia Fakhr. Born to an Egyptian family. Mother, daughter, sister and friend, trying to wake up excited to experience the day, and go to bed feeling fulfilled and grateful for everything and anything I have experienced.


Cairo, Egypt



These can help with: 

The inability to experience the present moment.

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Session Types


  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Large Groups

  • Corporate

  • Retreats


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