Sohayla El Fakahany

I’m a certified tarot reader and reiki and crystal healer

Sohayla is a healer at heart and an operations head and academic by practice. She just finished her Anthropology MA at AUC as she finds herself drawn to details, in everyday life and in academia, which has directed much of her research. Her MA thesis discusses holistic spiritual healing in contemporary Cairo.


Her already existing passion for spirituality pushed her to pursue her own path towards becoming a healing practitioner, earning her several certifications, making her a tarot reader, crystal healer and a Reiki practitioner. Besides her love for learning, studying and details, Sohayla also has an immense appreciation for teaching and connecting with other people.

things she's really good at...


These can help with: 

Emotional and sexual traumas. Anxiety. Paranoia. Unhealed wounds.

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Cairo, Egypt


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  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Retreats

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