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Anas Turky

I reveal the hidden layers in the deep levels of your consciousness

Anas Turky (aka) Anas JR has been a Psychic Tarot Reading practitioner and Spiritual/Ascension Healer & Guide for over 6 years and he's the founder of Ananda Spiritual Healing.


Anas has started his spiritual journey at the very young age of 16 years old being surrounded, raised & guided by many yoga & meditation masters and spiritual/healing gurus from different cultures and schools! Which allowed him to gather a large amount of experiences on physical, emotional, psychological, energetic & spiritual levels.


His approach in the Psychic-Tarot sessions is revealing the hidden layers in the deep levels of your mind-soul-spirit consciousness that have been affecting & influencing your reality and the world around you while exposing the synchronizing connection between them on the psychic level.


The sessions are facilitated and combined with many approaches to cover the whole psychic journey based on his experiences and studies of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energy/Spiritual Healing & Coaching and Ascension Channeling which the sum of them all generates a trance zone that allows you to experience the psychic experience with him on the conscious level.


By the end of the session, you can expect a deep psychic/spiritual/emotional relief and consciousness re-alignment guided with a facilitated holistic healing plan/protocol based on whatever you’ll discover to complete your journey.


Besides being a psychic tarot practitioner, he is; - Sufi & Ascension Meditation Practitioner - Energy/Psychology Therapist (Pranic - Reiki - Forensic - NLP - Hypnosis - Coaching) - Spiritual Healer/Guide - Inner Child Healer


Cairo, Egypt


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These can help with: 

  • Wounded Inner Child  

  • Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Trauma.

Session Types

  • Online

  • One on One

  • Small Groups

  • Large Groups

  • Retreats


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