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All About Healers & Guides

Hi :)

This platform is a desire to simplify the world of traditional healing. Both for those already aware of its benefits and those in search of new ways of self care.

Healers & Guides is creating a comfortable way to explore ourselves in a safe environment. To find people that can guide us through the Earth School.

We aim to design this platform with you at the center. Stay in touch!




هذه المنصة هي رغبة في تبسيط عالم العلاج البديل. لكل من يدرك فوائده وأولئك الذين يبحثون عن طرق جديدة للرعاية الذاتية


يقوم المعالجون والمرشدون بإنشاء طريقة مريحة لاستكشاف أنفسنا في بيئة آمنة. للعثور على الأشخاص الذين يمكنهم توجيهنا خلال مدرسة Earth.

For every 5 sessions booked - 1 will be donated 

For Healers & Guides

We have a double verification process for everyone on the platform. We also ask for some feedback from satisfied clients. If you're ready to join this group of people that all have the need to help, then fill in the form! 

Verified healers ONLY
No funny business ;)
Sliding Scales*
Pay what you can, money = energy
Community Healing
We are all one

Thanks for healing! No spam we promise.

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