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Aansan Yeh

"I offer transformational healing tools for wellbeing, ease & harmony"

My name is Aansan. I am a healing arts practitioner with Asian ancestry from The Netherlands. My own healing journey started years ago at a the age of 23. One of the most effective and well rounded healing technologies that I encountered was Life Alignment in which I received training and several master classes. I also started to develop other modalities like sound attunement, meditation and quantum touch that now form the basis for my practice. I am passionate about emotional wellbeing, conscious transformation and in supporting others to reconnect with their vitality, their purpose, strength and true self.



Cairo, Egypt


These can help with: 

  1.  Anxiety and depression

  2. Emotional and physical abuse  

  3. Sexual trauma

  4. Energy hooks

  5. Physical health issues like hormonal dis-balance, weight issues, chronic fatigue etc.

Session Types


  • One on One

  • Small Groups

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References (Love!)

"Aansan is one of the best world class healers I've had the privilege of working with.  Sessions have consistently helped me to release lifelong issues like anxiety and muscle pain. Through her guidance and tools, I have greatly increased my sense of groundedness, trust and joy!"

Marilyn Levin, Development Director for Play for Peace, USA

"Doing Life Alignment with Aansan has been one of the most magical and transformative experiences of my life. The energy, attention and commitment that Aansan brings to each and every session is exceptional. I feel as though I’ve been given the opportunity to step into a whole new way of being in the world. "

Adam Waterhouse, London, United Kingdom


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